Speed through the UK countryside

When you see the smile on top of the red uniform, taste the full cooked breakfast in First Class, and relax as you zoom through the countryside at 125mph, you know you’re travelling with Virgin Trains.

A savvy mix of excellent service, fast trains and dedication has helped secure us as one of the most highly rated rail operators in the UK.

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Our top destinations


You'll feel the buzz the second you step off the train at Birmingham New Street, which is handily slap-bang in the middle of town.
London - Birmingham: 1hr 24mins.
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Chester was built in Roman times to keep marauding invaders away. Thankfully, you'll now get a much friendlier welcome.
London - Chester: 2hrs 3mins.
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Welcome to Edinburgh, the world's festival capital. Here you'll admire stunning scenery, striking architecture, fine food, first-class attractions and a whole lot more.
Birmingham - Edinburgh: 4hrs 14mins.  Find out more


There's no warmer welcome than the one you'll get in Glasgow. This vibrant city was recently voted one of the top cities in the world to visit by Lonely Planet.
London - Glasgow: 4hrs 32mins.
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Lake District

The Lake District is truly one of the UK's most breathtaking places. Head here for your fix of clean air, jaw-dropping scenery and amazing wildlife.
London - Oxenholme: under 3hrs.
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Home of the Fab Four, you could spend eight days a week in Liverpool and still find plenty to do.You'll be sure to love, love it do.
London - Liverpool: 2hrs 8mins.

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With hundreds of attractions dotted all over the capital, there's always something new to discover in London.
Birmingham - London: 1hr 24mins.
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You'll find Manchester Piccadilly station in the very heart of the city. From music to museums, shopping sprees to sporting legends, you'll find it all when you find yourself in Manchester.
London - Manchester: 2hrs 9mins.
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North Wales

The rugged and windswept landscape of the North Wales region is a welcome change for visitors looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.
London - Bangor: 3hrs 18mins.
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