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2020 marks Virgin Wines’ 20th birthday and we launched two decades ago with the aim of changing the way people buy wine in the UK. Rather than being intimidating, we wanted to make it accessible to all, without all the fancy jargon that many in the wine trade love to use. We wanted everyone to be able to enjoy outstanding wines, hand-crafted by hugely talented independent winemakers, rather than it being all about the big brands that dominated the supermarket shelves.

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We are proud to work with independent winemakers across the world, creating premium craft wines, beers and spirits, most of which are unique and exclusive to Virgin Wines. Over 90 per cent of the wines we sell are exclusive bottles, you can’t buy them anywhere else. Our buying team are genuine leaders in the sector, reflected by our industry-leading average wine rating of 4.26/5 stars. It is our customer ratings which we use to continually shape our range today.

three workers shovel red grapes into large bins in a winery.
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In what is quite a stuffy and often confusing industry, we like to have fun with everything we do.  We take a typical red hot Virgin approach to innovation and particular regard to the launch of customer-focused initiatives such as WineBank and our expanding range.

We’re on a mission to cut through the confusion, tell it straight and take you to the good stuff (and have a good time along the way!)

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