Turn your Virgin Points into gift cards with Virgin Red

A lady peering through a door looking amazed, wearing a Virgin Red hairclip.
Virgin Red
by Limara Salt
11 January 2024

Virgin Red members can now use Virgin Points on gift cards to spend on high street favourites. 

From as little as 1,000 Virgin Points, members can use the gift cards for a Monday morning coffee or a Friday night pizza, and much more. The following gift cards are now available on Virgin Red UK:   

Whether you want to treat a loved one to a morning coffee, pay for someone’s takeaway with points, or gift a sumptuous steak to someone who deserves it, there are several ways to share the love. And that’s not all – you can spend your points to give someone an adventure to look forward to in the new year with Virgin Experience Days. Starting from 2,000 points for a £10 e-gift card and going up to 20,000 points for a £200 e-gift card, Virgin Experience Days has thousands of experiences to enjoy.  

Or if you have a loved one who prefers Sauvignon to an indoor sky dive, you can also gift Virgin Wines vouchers for 5,000 points (£25 spend), 10,000 points (£50 spend), or 20,000 points (£100 spend) to be spent over 500 hand-crafted wines or a pre-mixed case that caters to every taste.  

How can you earn points to spend? 

Virgin Red members can earn points on everything from the everyday commute to a dream flight, shopping with the latest brands to a weekend stay in Virgin Hotels, and much more. Simply sign into your account, scroll through the earn section, and once you’ve found what you’re after, click ‘Get points’, and Virgin Red will do the rest. By earning points on spending you were going to do anyway, you’ll be able to unlock loads of rewards later. It’s a win win situation.  

With Virgin Red there are hundreds of ways to earn and spend Virgin Points to make your 2024 magnificent. Not a member yet? Join now.