Report an online scam

We're concerned by the number of criminals impersonating Richard Branson, Virgin's senior management team and Virgin Group companies. Followers who post on Richard’s social media feeds have been targeted in private channels by people with fake accounts.

Our team are doing all they can to report scammers and get fake accounts taken down. But sadly, the scams are not going to disappear overnight. Reporting suspicious content helps us to tackle online scams and make the internet safer for all.

If you’ve noticed something suspicious online relating to the Virgin brand or Richard Branson, please report it below.

Be sure to include the following information:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Details of how were you contacted e.g. email, text message, social media or other
  • Some background information about what happened. Describe the scam and provide any information known to you about the scammer, including their email address, social media account, website etc
  • Any screenshots, email text or links for evidence

Report a scam

If you’ve noticed something suspicious online relating to the Virgin brand or Richard Branson, please report it here.
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Data protection & privacy

Please note that any personal data provided will be treated in accordance with Virgin’s privacy policy.

The information provided will be sent to Virgin Enterprises Limited (VEL). VEL may contact you in relation to the contents of your Report. VEL will use the information provided to investigate the contents of your Report and will retain key details of your Report for a limited period in order to follow-up promptly if recurring issues arise.

VEL will be a data controller in respect of any personal data contained in your Report. The sections of the privacy policy above from ‘How long do we keep hold of the information?’ down to the end of your list of rights will apply to VEL in relation to its use of any personal data contained in your Report as if any reference to Virgin Red Limited (or ‘we’ or ‘us’) is a reference to VEL. You can contact if you have any questions about how VEL will use your information.

How to spot a scam before it’s too late

Two things to keep in mind to help you stay safe online

Richard Branson report a scam animation

1. Richard Branson will not send private messages on social media

If you've received a message from Richard Branson, CEO Josh Bayliss, COO Ian Woods or another member of our senior team it is likely to be a scam. They may attempt to extract personal information or cash from you.

Richard Branson report a scam animation

2. Richard and the Virgin Group do not promote get-rich-quick schemes

Stories linking Richard to get-rich-quick opportunities such as cryptocurrency schemes often appear on websites via links advertised on various social media sites and paid for ads. There is no truth in these stories.