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Building connections that really matter

For over 20 years, Virgin Media Business has helped small, medium and large sized businesses across sectors to:

  • Get better connected with their people and their customers

  • Adapt to new ways of working

  • Accelerate digital transformation projects

As a customer-first organisation dedicated to delivering the best for business, we are continually investing in our network. 

In a single year our connectivity:

  • Supports 708 million credit and debit card transactions

  • Helps dispense four million medical prescriptions 

  • Unlocks superfast broadband in 500,000 buildings

  • Empowers digital innovation for education in thousands of schools

Among the innovative, high-quality networking and communication products, applications and services we provide, our fibre-optic network is our crown jewel. We’re investing £3 billion to bring it to even more of the UK. 

Our long-term vision is to help the UK excel by revolutionising the everyday, while building connections that really matter.

So whether you're looking to grow and evolve your business with reliable, secure connectivity, empower your staff with hybrid working solutions, or get the advice you need to unleash your digital potential, we can help you get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. In June 2021, we joined forces with O2 to offer even better connectivity, more choice and more value for you and your organisation across fixed and mobile networks. Together, we are reimagining connectivity and upgrading the UK.

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