Virgin By Design: Discover the story behind the brand

A man reads a copy of Virgin By Design
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27 May 2022

Looking for a backstage pass to all things Virgin? Then you're in the right place. We're lifting the lid on the Virgin brand and sharing some of the stories from the last 50 years that have shaped Virgin into the business that it is today.

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Richard Branson relaxes on a sofa reading a copy of Virgin By Design

Behaving like David with a slingshot

Virgin started life as a cheeky start-up, but it's maintained that approach to business throughout its history – and that continues today. Richard Branson shares how the brand has taken on the Goliaths of business.
Virgin Hotels sign outside Virgin Hotels Chicago

How Virgin Hotels freed the WiFi

When Virgin Hotels launched its first hotel in Chicago, it decided to do things differently to the rest of the hotel industry, including offering free WiFi and minibars at street prices.
Virgin Limited Edition team members at Mhali Mzuri walking across a field

How Virgin Limited Edition is letting local talent shine

Virgin exists to change business for the good and Virgin Limited Edition is no exception. Learn how the luxury travel company works with local communities and creates unforgettable experiences for its guests and employees.
Virgin Active

How Virgin Active thinks beyond the club

With the customer at the heart of everything it does, Virgin Active created an irresistible experience that encourages people to be active. But some of the design decisions at its high-end clubs have nothing to do with the training floor.
Virgin Galactic

Shooting for the stars

Virgin has long inspired its employees to believe in themselves and realise their potential. And in the case of Lexy Snell, assistant crew chief at Virgin Galactic, shoot for the stars… literally.
A woman holds Virgin Atlantic salt and pepper shakers shaped like aeroplanes, known as Wilbur and Orville

Why thoughtful touches matter

From Virgin Atlantic's salt and pepper shakers, to Virgin Voyages' 'shake for champagne', Virgin has found that it's the thoughtful touches really bringing meaning to an experience.
Virgin Radio

Visualising sound with Virgin Radio

When it comes to creating a visual identity for a radio station, where do you begin? For Virgin Radio International, it all started with sound.
Virgin Hotels Las Vegas lobby

Interior design at Virgin Hotels

In all of its spaces, Virgin aims to create a memorable experience for its customers. But when it came to designing Virgin Hotels properties, it was important to create interiors that reflected their locations.
Virgin logo sketched and scribbled on a napkin

Making our mark

The iconic Virgin logo has been painted on aircraft liveries, splashed on cruise ships, and emblazoned on spaceships. But where did it all begin?
Richard, Sam and Holly Branson with the Virgin Stars of the Year winner

Giving people the freedom to be themselves

Holly Branson, chief purpose and vision officer at Virgin, is passionate about making sure everyone can be 100% themselves at work, and feel respected, valued and trusted to express who they are each and every day. She shares more about how Virgin has done that from day one.
Virgin Voyages

The best Virgin collaborations

Partnerships of all shapes and sizes have been crucial to Virgin’s success since the early days. Discover some of the best collaborations over the years.
Richard Branson stands in front of a wall of cut off ties at Miss Ricky's at Virgin Hotels Chicago

Ditch the dress code

Virgin has never been a place for suits and ties, in fact Richard Branson has a history of cutting ties off when he meets with people wearing them. Read his blog on why it's time to ditch the dress code.
Virgin Atlantic

How magic moments set the Virgin brand apart

Sometimes it’s the little things that stick in people’s minds. There are countless stories from over the years of Virgin people going above and beyond to make sure customers are getting the best experience.