How magic moments set the Virgin brand apart

Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
13 May 2022

Sometimes it’s the little things that stick in people’s minds. There are countless stories from over the years of Virgin people going above and beyond to make sure customers are getting the best experience. A warm smile and a friendly chat can go a long way – particularly if it’s not something that other brands prioritise. Here are just a few of those stories…

Looking after all customers

When the Virgin Atlantic Holidays team learnt that a five-year-old had left her doll, Gabriella, in the V-Room at Gatwick airport they sprang into action. They knew that the little girl would be worried about Gabriella while she was away.

Rather than just letting the family know that they'd found the toy, they snapped some playful pictures of Gabriella having a blast – watching the planes and enjoying the V-Room's hospitality – and assured the little girl that her doll would be waiting for her on her return so she could focus on enjoying her holiday with her family.

Two Virgin Holidays employees try out the virtual reality rollercoaster at Virgin Holidays V-Room
Virgin Holidays

A small gift makes a big difference

Connor Marshall spoke to a customer with Alzheimer's in his role at Virgin Money, he discovered that the customer was unable to enjoy most of his hobbies anymore, except reading. The two discussed a sci-fi author that the customer loved, it transpired that there was a particular book he couldn’t find due to the closure of the local bookshop. Connor took it upon himself to help out a fellow bookworm and managed to find a copy, he popped it in the post for the customer, ready to make his day that little bit brighter.

Two Virgin Money colleagues having a chat
Virgin Money

Helping isolating customers during lockdown

Virgin Media engineer Craig Wilson visited an elderly customer to fix an issue with her TV service in 2020, when she had been self-isolating for 10 weeks. Unfortunately, he discovered that the issue was with the TV, rather than the Virgin Media service. 

While it may have looked like there was nothing he could do to help the customer, Craig was determined to find a way to make sure he didn’t leave her with no TV. Craig sent a message to his colleagues to see if they could group together to buy the customer a new television set. The team were touched and quickly raised enough to buy a brand new 40-inch TV – an upgrade on her old TV, which would help her through her isolation.

Craig Wilson, Virgin Media O2 engineer who went above and beyond to help a customer by replacing their broken tv during lockdown
Virgin Media

Treating a disappointed trainspotter

Trainspotter Ryan Allen was left disappointed when a Virgin train unfortunately blocked his view of the iconic Flying Scotsman on its first journey for more than 20 years, following a 10-year refurbishment. Ryan shared his video on social media, with the comment “I had a feeling this would happen.”

When Virgin Trains saw the tweet, the team wanted to make it up to him so they teamed up with Virgin Atlantic to whisk him off to Atlanta, Georgia, one of the world’s best trainspotting locations.

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