Meet the team keeping Virgin Megastore MEA online

Ask the folk of the Ecommerce Team at Virgin Megastore MEA what makes a working day good, and they’ll give you a simple answer: people, people, people.

We caught up with the team to find out more about why they love being part of the Virgin Family...

Sum up your role for us.

Bicky Sunuwar, QA Analyst: I’m responsible for the final phase of website development assuring minimal or close to zero flaws and bugs.

Eman Osman, Digital Merchandiser: Website merchandising and the planning and implementation of campaigns and newsletters.

Eloise Henry, Ecommerce Website Manager: I’m responsible for running the website, and making sure our visitors have a great experience, spend time on our online store and eventually buy.

Mohsin Khan, Front End Web Developer: I collaborate with other team members and stakeholders to develop and implement the visual elements that users see and interact with in our web applications.

Almir Smajlović, Ecommerce Manager: I’m responsible for the day-to-day operation of the omni-channel online store, and for the strategy, performance and enhancements of the channel.

What’s the best part of your job?

BS: I get to explore how the software works. That satisfaction is beyond imagination – to discover what’s broken, performing investigations to solve the mystery of what’s causing the issue.

EO: Digital marketing and ecommerce are very dynamic industries. There’s always something new going on, and it’s really great to be able to innovate and to work on improving the Virgin Megastore website. And it’s great to be able to learn at first hand from my boss.

EH: One of my goals is to share our love for the brand with each person visiting the website. I love brainstorming with the team and finding creative ways to keep our website fresh, fun and lively.

MK: The people I work with. We get a lot of challenges, but I see them as opportunities to see how far we can push ourselves and excel at what we do.

AS: Taking decisions that make customers happy.

Eman Osman, Almir Smajlovic, Eloise Henry, Bicky Sunuwar and Mohsin Khan from the Virgin Megastore Ecommerce Team playing pool

How does working for Virgin Megastore differ from your previous jobs?

BS: I don’t feel like I’m working when I’m at work at Virgin Megastore. I enjoy every single minute of the day!

EO: This is my first ‘proper’ job. The environment and my team have set a high standard for future roles.

EH: Everyone working here will tell you that it’s their second home. We feel like a family. And it’s the first time I’ve worked in such a multicultural environment.

MK: It’s a truly strong culture that offers mutual support, promotes trust, rewards employees’ efforts, and ensures that employees know their work is meaningful.

AS: Before this, I worked in a military camp in Kabul, Afghanistan. As you can imagine, it was a little different!

Which one item could you not work without?

BS: That would be the internet.

EO: Daily planner and coffee.

EH: My mug. I’m a tea addict!

MK: My laptop.

AS: My headphones.

What has been your proudest moment?

BS: Getting awarded for ‘Outstanding Performance and Dedication in Ecommerce’ in 2017 and also Employee of the Year 2017.

EO: There have been a lot of proud moments. I think overall, my career progression at Virgin Megastore is what I’m most proud of.

EH: When you launch a brand-new ecommerce website, there are so many exhilarating moments: reaching a high number of visitors, achieving your sales target, launching new sections and campaigns… I’m proud to see our online store grow, and the team expanding.

MK: My work for the Road and Transport Authority (RTA ). I had the chance to help develop a new layout for the RTA ’s website and I took the lead on the project after one of the other team members quit. It was a great opportunity to learn and show what I’m capable of; that I could deliver the project on time.

AS: When I became a dad. Oh, you mean at work? When I became a dad!

What’s the best thing about your team?

BS: They’re really hardworking and motivated, and more than anything we treat each other as family.

EO: We’re a very dynamic team, all coming from different place and backgrounds. We all learn from, support and motivate each other.

EH: We all share a strong interest for the digital world and the same passion to make our website grow. The team’s reliable, talented and passionate.

MK: I can honestly say that I work with some of my best friends. I’ve met so many amazing people who have come and gone, and developed friendships I know will last a lifetime.

AS: We’re open-minded and very customer focused. It’s easy to agree when we all work with same objectives.

What’s the best thing about working for Virgin Megastore?

BS: Virgin Megastore is very considerate when it comes down to taking care of the employees, in good and bad times.

EO: The Virgin brand in general is a very cool brand to work for. The corporate culture and my team, especially my boss, make it a great place to work.

EH: The vibe is amazing, it doesn’t feel like you’re going to work. We like to work hard while having fun.

MK: Our company is a fun and friendly place to work, where teamwork rules. We work hard, and we reward hard work. Virgin Megastore gave me group training classes and have mentored me throughout, resulting in an achievement of 99 per cent in my skills test.

AS: The mutual respect we have for each other. We work as a family and this is a great place to start and develop your career. I have a lot of great friends here.


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