Meet the adventurers at Virgin Mobile UAE

Virgin Mobile has launched in the UAE. Its multinational workforce is on a mission to make mobile better by creating the world’s first completely digital telco service. Now a team of almost 100, Virgin Mobile UAE began with just a small handful of adventurers. Meet some of the team…

“I came here with just one suitcase,” says Ali Abbas Lateef, Scrum Master for Virgin Mobile UAE, who moved to Dubai from the UK. “I was on holiday in Cyprus when the job offer came in and I got straight on a flight to Dubai to join the team.”

Marek Janjic, a Graphic Designer from Slovakia, had a similar experience. “I was interviewed on the Thursday and found myself on a plane two days later!”

The Virgin Mobile UAE office has people from 29 nations working together under one roof. “I love that the UAE has so many different nationalities and personalities,” says Emma Staxang, E-commerce Manager. “My team come from all over the world: I’m from Sweden, my manager is from Germany, and others come from Syria and Canada.”

Joining Virgin Mobile UAE has been thrilling for Product Manager Dima Kuzbari. “Coming from a country like France, where the mobile market is very saturated, the UAE provides a unique, exciting environment,” she says. “Our people, combined with Virgin Mobile’s culture of innovation, provides a unique opportunity to do something completely different here.”

From left: Emma Staxang, Dima Kuzbari, Juraj Cangar, Marek Janjic, Reem Halawa, Ali Abbas Lateef (Image from Virgin Mobile UAE)

Juraj Cangar, UI/UX Designer for Virgin Mobile UAE agrees. “The brief I received at the beginning made me think, ‘Wow, I need to be part of this!’ I believed that the brief would become a reality – Virgin is known for taking risks and trying new stuff. What we are trying to achieve here is very disruptive and I truly believe it is possible.”

Virgin Mobile UAE is trailblazing a completely digital proposition – a first in the telco sector worldwide.

“You have all these other digital services that work so well, like Netflix and Spotify. You look at these examples and think, ‘Why not do it with a telco?’” says Juraj.

I love that the UAE has so many different nationalities and personalities

“Bringing something that is innovative, digital and app-focused to this market is very exciting,” adds Emma. “Our competition has apps – we are an app!”

By creating a digital service, Virgin Mobile UAE is aiming to improve the mobile experience for the consumer. “We are putting control in their hands while giving them complete transparency on services available to them,” says Reem Halawa, Online System Manager. “Dubai is a fast-paced city, so to offer the customer the power to control their mobile products wherever and whenever they want to will completely revolutionise the way mobile operators are perceived.”

Ali agrees: “What we are offering the customer is something that is completely new in Dubai. We have some innovative ideas that are market-changing. Mobile is a necessity these days and we wanted to create a service that will give the customers better value and a better experience.”

When the app was in final testing, Virgin Mobile UAE has been encouraging residents to register on and via social media for a chance to become part of the BETA team – and they created quite a stir with more than 211,000 residents registering to get their hands on the app first.


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