What puts a smile on your face?

2016 has been a tumultuous year, for the planet and everyone on it. But amongst the many testing news events, there were also so many moments of joy and happiness. To highlight this, we asked our Virgin team members to tell us: What put a smile on your face this year?

Here are some responses that made me smile…

“I have triplet nieces and a nephew – seeing them take their first step was a smile like no other!” – Simon Cowley, Virgin Atlantic

“Camping in Menorca with my daughter in my camper van.” – Ramon Antonio Minguez Gavin, Virgin Limited Edition

“My 22-month old granddaughter stepping outside after it had got dark, looking up and asking ‘Where has the sky gone?’” – Bob Belcher, Virgin Media

“My son scored his first basket ever and my daughter made two great friends on the very first day at a new school.” – Tobin Armbrust, Virgin Produced

As you can see, a strong theme of family rang throughout the responses… and it also resonated with me. What put a smile of my face this year, was watching my three grandbabies grow into toddlers, and with it, witnessing my children and their partners, Holly and Freddie and Sam and Bellie, become the most wonderful and thoughtful parents.

Joan and I have enjoyed performing our grandmother and grand-dude duties. We’ve loved watching Etta, Artie and Eva-Deia learn to walk, start to talk and continue to explore and expand their worlds – they have taught us so much and expanded our world too.

What put a smile of your face this year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


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