Eve Branson's story

Eve Branson looking out over the Moroccan hillside from a balcony
Image from Eve Branson Foundation
Eve Branson, mother of Richard, Lindy, and Vanessa, and wife of the late Ted Branson, was a born adventurer.

As a child, Eve showed signs of the entrepreneurial drive - something which had been passed down through the family, coupled with a longing for freedom and excitement. Eve’s lifelong passion was writing and in addition to her memoir, Mum’s The Word, (based on her personal diaries), she wrote articles, essays, novels, plays, scripts, and children’s stories. Eve also published travel articles and historical accounts and a children’s book dedicated to her 11 grandchildren, entitled Sarky Puddleboat (AuthorHouse 2010).

Eve Branson wearing a green scarf in between two ladies with red and yellow headscarves
Eve Branson with two young artisans at the Tansghart Craft Centre

In 2005, Eve founded the Eve Branson Foundation, an organisation that provides income-producing projects for girls in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. In 2008, at 84-years-old, Eve became the first mother in history to have a spaceship named after her - Virgin Galactic's mothership, VMS Eve.

Eve sadly passed away from COVID-19 in January 2021.

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Eve Branson looking out over the Atlas Mountains of Morocco
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Eve was Richard's mum and a born adventurer. In 2008, at 84 years old, Eve became the first mother in history to have a spaceship named after her...