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Sam is the youngest child of Richard and Joan Branson. His passion for adventure and the environment has seen him endure many challenges – most notably embarking on a 1,400 mile, three-month, dogsled expedition to the Arctic to raise awareness around climate change. This trip was a pinnacle moment in Sam’s life, sparking his desire to initiate conversations around important topics and engage people to create positive change.

In 2012 Sam founded Sundog Pictures, a production company created to deliver challenging, entertaining and informative content, to tell stories that matter and bring new audiences to important topics. In 2021, Sundog Pictures transformed into a new global studio, HiddenLight Productions, which Sam co-founded alongside former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton. The team creates premium documentaries that aim to give people more hope and a better understanding of the world.

Sam also has a passion for music and has released two EP’s through Waves Rush In.

Beyond filmmaking and music, Sam also has an active interest in Virgin - helping to tell the story of Virgin as a force for good in the world, getting involved in different events and supporting the brilliant family of Virgin employees, to ensure they can thrive in the workplace.

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The remainder of Sam’s focus rests with his passion for philanthropy. He is one of the founders of Big Change – a charity challenging the status quo on how we support and drive positive change for young people in the UK. Big Change incubates entrepreneurial ideas that can drive long term social change and is disrupting the traditional model of charity.

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Strive Challenge

Sam strongly believes in the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone, challenging yourself and that there is no such thing as failure. It is this attitude that spurred him and his cousin Noah to found The Virgin Strive Challenge – an ongoing project to raise funds for Big Change, through the completion of extreme challenges. Focusing on the power of a positive perspective and the importance of a growth mindset in young people, The Virgin Strive Challenge acts as a metaphor for the young people it supports.

Sam splits his time between London and the BVI with his wife Isabella Branson, his daughter Eva-Deia and son Bluey.

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Sam is Richard and Joan's son, founder of Sundog Productions, co-founder of Big Change, a passionate philanthropist and father of two. His passion for adventure and the environment has seen him take on many challenges...