Take the stairs to success

Many of you will know how much I enjoy the Elevator Pitch – the idea that you should be able to pitch your business in the time it takes to go up an elevator, with your rough plan written on the back of an envelope. 

At Virgin Disruptors recently, Virgin StartUp got budding entrepreneurs going up and down as they got help on their pitches inside the venue’s elevator. I have even had one person swim to Necker to pitch his idea of building an elevator on the island for the same purpose.

But when it comes to life away from pitching, I prefer to take the stairs. It’s not always possible, but when it is, walking up or down a few flights can make a little but noticeable difference. This is especially useful when you are having a busy working day and not fitting in enough exercise.

It got me thinking about the traits of successful people, and how every entrepreneur is essentially taking the stairs every day of their career. It takes years of gradual climbing, with inevitable failures and setbacks along the way, to reach the top. Very few people are lucky enough to take the elevator and experience instant success. 

But we are all far better for that – as long as we are willing to learn and adapt from our experiences. If you take the slower route to success you will be far better prepared to understand what is required of you when you get there. Rather than getting to the top without the experience, you will have years of experience, failure, learnings – climbing stairs – to fall back on. What’s more, you’ll be in better shape!

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