The power of positive words

I heard somebody describe somebody else as "grumpy" recently. "I'm not grumpy," they replied. "I'm overwhelmed!" 

When you are positive, it rubs off on people and you help to create a more positive atmosphere. Equally, when you are negative, this also has an effect. One of the biggest ways this comes across is in the language that you use, both with your body and your words.

By actively trying to think of alternative words to use about people, you can reframe situations in a more positive light. You can have some fun with it too.

What is your typical response if somebody asks how you are? If you find yourself saying "can't complain," or "not too bad," you have an opportunity to make this more positive. Try "I'm very well, thank you, how are you?"

If you are feeling tired, rather than saying you are "exhausted", say you are "looking forward to a rest." Rather than saying "don't do that," provide an alternative and say "I like it when..." Instead of saying you "failed", think about what you "learned" and would do differently next time. Rather than pointing out your faults, celebrate your differences.

When your partner uses the word "whatever", you know you have work to do on your relationship. But, equally, your partner could try a more positive response in future! Positive words may sometimes seem inconsequential, but they can have incredible power.

As Mother Teresa said: "Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."

What words have you used that have turned a negative into a positive? 


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