The power of intention

A day without intention is a day wasted. It doesn't matter if you want to get some exercise, write an essay, or start a business; without intention, there can be no productivity, and in turn no success. 

Sometimes it doesn't feel like there are enough hours in the day to get through all I want to achieve. But then I remember, everyone on this planet only has 24 hours in a day - that includes President Obama, Oprah, the Pope and Beyoncé. To help me stay on track and do what I intend to achieve, I have also adopted the following habits:

Start each day fresh

I start each day with a clean slate. If I get caught up in the challenges of yesterday or the focus too much on the past, it can be hard to move on and achieve future goals. I start each day new by waking early, getting outdoors, breathing in nature, and getting stuck into some exercise. Playing tennis, going for a kitesurf or a cycle, or simply taking a walk, helps me to focus and gives me energy for the day ahead.

Write it down

What's better than thinking with intention? Writing it down. Note taking is one of my favourite pastimes. I can't tell you where I'd be if I hadn't had a pen on hand to write down my ideas. No matter how big, small, simple or complex an idea is, get it in writing. It becomes easier to turn your intentions into actionable and measurable goals once you write them down. And boy, is it fun to tick them off as you complete them. 

Use your time wisely

I'm always travelling, so to make sure I get the most out of every minute of my day, I generally use my transit hours as valuable meeting time. When given the opportunity I like to take walking meetings - sometimes I even set myself a personal challenge of trying to come up with a plan of attack in the time it takes to walk to my next appointment. And I like to use the time I spend travelling between appointments, taking call or speaking to people - I interviewed Virgin Group CEO, Josh Bayliss, in the back seat of a car while waiting in a traffic jam!

Think ahead

Intention in its very essence is a futuristic act. We cannot change the past, so there's no point of dwelling on it. The key to being productive is thinking ahead.

Make it fun

As the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun. Just don't get side-tracked by having too much fun. Wait. is too much fun even possible?

Do you have a top tip for productivity? I'd love to hear it in the comments below.

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