Pledging to eat well between Christmas and New Year

Every year on Necker Island we have a wonderful traditional Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings. Some people ask whether we have a tropical Christmas alternative meal, as it may be too hot for turkey, vegetables and gravy. Actually, I love to tuck into a Sunday roast every weekend, all year round. And, of course, my absolute favourite meal is my wife Joan's shepherd's pie. 

However, I do try to eat a balanced diet, and know how important it is to staying fit and healthy. There would be little point exercising well with my daily tennis, walks, swims and kitesurfing, if I proceeded to stuff myself with junk food. That said, there is always room for a treat (chocolate digestives are my favourite), as long as it is balanced with some nutritious meals.

Richard Branson dinner at Ulusaba

There are some simple, small ways to make a positive change to one's diet. Instead of meat, I try to eat fish a few times a week. Instead of eating things like crisps between meals, I try to snack on fruit and veg and nuts. I try to keep coffee to a minimum (though wouldn't cut down on tea!) When enjoying a glass of wine, I fill the glass very low, and enjoy each sip rather than gulp. Nothing complicated or fancy, just every day trying to eat and drink a little healthier. 

Healthy eating is essential to healthy living. Whether it is wellbeing in the workplace, an active lifestyle or preparation for a sporting event, this is something Virgin Pulse, Virgin Active and Virgin Sport all understand and support.

There is a saying that goes around at this time of year. "Don't worry what you eat between Christmas and New Year." Actually, it is what you eat between New Year and Christmas that really matters. I'll be making it one of my resolutions to maintain a healthy diet in 2017, which will put me in good shape to achieve my other goals too.

What are your simple tips for healthy eating? I'm sure I and many others may find them useful - especially at this time of year.


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