A great day to fly

Before he joined Virgin Galactic to head up the human spaceflight program, Mike Moses oversaw space shuttle launches for NASA. So when he says in his understated way, “looks like a good day to fly,” you know it will be a great day for everyone at Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company!

Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity’s First Flight Test Completed September 2016

Our spaceships belong up in the skies, being flown and tested and verified by our top notch pilots and engineers. After months of intense ground testing, our teams at Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company kicked off the flight test program with VSS Unity’s very first captive carry flight test.

Any time a new vehicle is tested in the air is a big deal. The significance of yesterday’s flight is that it is the first flight of a spaceship built entirely by The Spaceship Company and operated by Virgin Galactic.

Yesterday’s flight was a culmination of years of hard work by our dedicated team, past and present, to build a company and build a beautiful spaceship. Our tireless and dedicated team makes me so proud: their commitment to the program, to safety, to our founding astronauts, and to our vision to open access to space led us to this first flight test.

Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic VSS Unity

Just as the other Strivers and I have completed the first of four legs of our Virgin Strive Challenge ( and as we embark on the second leg, our Mojave team is at the start of exciting work ahead and will show the world what our spaceship can do. Together, we are all off to a promising start.


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