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Not only is Necker Island a wonderful place to relax and unwind, it’s also a great setting for free thinking and innovation. It has an incredible power to prompt people to think differently and dream big. Knowing this, every year we welcome a number of groups to the Island for gatherings that encourage inspiring collaborations. One of my favourite annual get-togethers is the Blockchain Summit.

Blockchain Summit 2016

The technology behind the Blockchain has great potential to change the world in an incredibly positive way. It may be a niche subject that many people haven’t heard of, but it’s something that all business leaders should become interested in and educated about. It’s an extraordinarily pervasive technology that touches a lot of mankind.

Richard Branson Blockchain Summit 2016

Last month, together with The Bitfury Group and MaiTai Global, key global influencers in technology, civil society, democracy promotion and innovation joined us on Necker for a set of riveting discussions about how the technology behind the Blockchain can drive positive change. Over four days, everyone worked together to lay out the framework for a future where humankind fully benefits from the blockchain. Watch the video below for a taste of what happened over the weekend.

The Summit brought together some of the world’s top thinkers to form new partnerships, projects and initiatives that will lead us to new frontiers. Not only were there a series of rousing panels, there was a lot of time for free discussion and for people to spend recreational time together – talking,  kite surfing, snorkelling and even lemur feeding. I find Necker’s lemurs to be very inspiring; I often have lightbulb moments when I drop by to say hello to the cute critters. 

Richard Branson Blockchain Summit 2016

There have been plenty of beautiful ‘what if’ moments in the two years that the Summit has been running. In fact, seven or eight projects have already come out of it, and had some real traction.


Blockchain Summit 2016

Some of the greatest discoveries, innovations and inventions have come about by chance encounters, but they wouldn’t have happened if the environment to stimulate chance encounters wasn’t created. The Blockchain Summit does just this by creating an atmosphere where connections between smart people are made; making bright ideas far more likely to come to life.


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