Virgin Active launch the first Pokérun

Virgin Active launched the Pokérun this week – the world’s first Pokémon Go 5K workout.

The 5K run took in some of London’s key PokéStops and let runners catch ‘em all as they worked out.

Guided by a qualified personal trainer, the run featured multiple PokéStops and Pokémon capture opportunities along the route and took them from a real gym at Virgin Active’s Walbrook club to Pokémon gyms to help build their own fitness, as well as train their Pokémon.

As well as the Thames-side route giving runners the opportunity to capture some water-based Pokémon, the 5K was the perfect distance for trainers to hatch their eggs while out on the run. 

Participants were also challenged with interval outdoor bodyweight training while capturing city-dwelling Pokémon, including press ups, tricep dips and lunges to give them the strength and stamina that a wannabe Pokémon master needs to achieve gains – whether it’s in a Pokémon or real-life gym.

Find out more on the Virgin Active website.


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