Get a tattoo on board Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages has revealed that its first ship, Scarlet Lady, will bring stylish tattoo artistry to the high sea with Squid Ink, an on board tattoo parlour.

To create the one-of-a-kind experience on board, the cruise line has teamed up with the ink industry legends from World Famous Tattoo Ink.

“Tattooing is a time-honoured seafaring tradition and we’re continuing that legacy with rock and roll style by bringing some of the best ink artists to sea,” Tom McAlpin, president and CEO of Virgin Voyages, said. “Our sailors are looking to make lifelong memories, and we think there’s no better way to commemorate their first voyage with us than with a souvenir they’ll never lose track of.”

To celebrate the news, Virgin Voyages is teaming up with World Famous Tatoo Ink to give away 100 free nautical-inspired micro tattoos this Saturday (October 20th) at Soho Ink in Manhattan, New York City.

The first 100 people to head to Soho Ink at 12pm on October 20th will be able to choose one of 10 nautical-inspired micro tattoos to ink themselves with, and all who receive one of these tattoos will be entered to win a one in 100 chance to win a free Virgin voyage for two. Sailors who cannot make it to Soho Ink this Saturday can also enter to win a free voyage (and a free nautical-inspired micro tattoo while onboard) now until November 16th by visiting the Virgin Voyages website.

When Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady sets sail in 2020, she will have two full-time resident tattoo artists on board, handpicked by ink industry legend Lou Rubino Jr, the visionary behind World Famous Tattoo Ink, Soho Ink and Freshly Inked Magazine.

Squid Ink will also feature a star-studded line-up of guest artists including the tattoo industry’s most sought-after trendsetters and celebrity artists. Details and timings will be announced in due course but renowned artists including the likes of Spike TV’s Ink Master star Sarah Miller, surrealist specialist artist Arlo DiCristina and illustrative specialist Jime Litwalk have already committed to guest artist appearances on the Scarlet Lady in 2020.

“The World Famous Tattoo Ink family has been working with sailors, pirates and rock stars for more than 50 years,” said Lou Rubino Jr., owner of World Famous Tattoo Ink. “As global acceptance of tattoos and body art continues to grow, partnering with Virgin Voyages gives us the unique opportunity to bring colour to places people might have never thought possible before. We couldn’t be more excited to leave our mark on the sea travel industry.”

All Squid Ink tattoos will be created with World Famous Tattoo Ink original vegan ink, which is globally recognized to exceed safety standards with no animal by-products or testing. In addition to tattoos, Squid Ink will also offer body piercings as well as permanent makeup treatments using vegan-friendly Perma Blend pigments.

Virgin Voyages will encourage its crew members to also express themselves freely through tattoos if they wish. In a unique move for the cruise industry, the company has indicated that the hiring of shipboard candidates with visible tattoos is a-okay.

For more on Virgin Voyages, head to the website or follow @virginvoyages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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