Infographic: the importance of face to face networking

In the age of social media it can be easy to think that face to face networking has had its day, after all, every contact you’d ever need is just a click or a phone call away…

However the importance of meeting in person cannot be underestimated. This excerpt from a recent Richard Branson blog goes some way to demonstrate the importance of real life contact: “I make a point of attending the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, whenever I can. The event is ridiculed in some quarters for its sheer scale - according to The Economist, 2,622 people gathered in that small town in January, including 46 presidents and prime ministers, representatives of firms with a total value of $12 trillion on the stock market, and many celebrities and journalists. However, the very action of bringing these powerful people together makes Davos useful, even vital.”

No matter how advanced our methods of communication have become, nothing seems to have come close to replicating the value of face to face contact, as this infographic demonstrates.

Face to Face Networking

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