The future of wellness: The next trillion dollar industry?

Today’s live Virgin Disruptors debate will feature the presence of one of the most innovative companies in wellness and mindfulness space. Here the Somadome founder, Sarah Attia, explains why peace pods can be used to combat the modern day stresses of work…

Stress and anxiety are preventable factors, which is why the corporate wellness industry is projected to grow 9.4 per cent annually to $3.4 billion by 2018 and "wellness" is predicted to become the next trillion-dollar industry. Interest in managing stress and anxiety has spawned one of the largest trends to shape society globally, the Mindfulness Movement. Efforts are being led by major health care providers, corporate employers, and wellness centers and luxury spas. 

But, despite this interest, most consumers don’t know how to integrate any efficient solutions into their daily lives. Somadome has introduced the first commercial product that can offer an affordable, accessible, packaged solution to access mindfulness and manage stress conveniently and effectively, in 20 minutes.

There is no 'spare time' - unless I choose to define that time as such. I feel we've blurred the lines so much between our homes and work, our offices and play - we've sacrificed the boundaries between each other and within ourselves. I'm not sure where that 'me time' lives anymore, to be totally honest.

For me - and sorry to sound cheesy - that time exists inside Somadome. The Somadome is a freestanding microenvironment that provides a private space for people to relax and benefit from four therapeutic treatments that work synergistically to enable whole person wellness.

I also find it on long walks with my dog when we can get lost in the smell of wet pavement, good music, or staring out blindly at the ocean. When I don't have the luxury of my ideal excursions though, Somadome feels like my own private oasis. It helps me clear my thoughts and calm my inner chatter. Sometimes I go in with a particular problem, I play out different scenarios - and come out with clarity.

What it does for me is what I've heard it's done for others in the intense and fast-paced corporate environments in which it’s been, such as Dr. Oz's HealthCorps corporate headquarters and the CA Governor's Office. It's provided a way to pause, categorize mental clutter into meaningful priorities, and conduct thoughtful analyses instead of staying jumbled and fried. It's provided a place to decompress that's not only allowed - it's encouraged.

It is said that only when we can stop talking, stop moving, stop doing can we actually really hear. I think if employers can provide a space, in any form, that gives a bridge to get back to ourselves - and pause the additives of distraction rampant today - we will emerge more focused, present, calmer and connected to ourselves, and therefore - to each other.

The line between our private lives and public domains has been blurred so much, the noise has become too loud.

It's time to find a way to really listen, in the places in which we live: Where we work.

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