New year, new travel wishlist; The best ways to travel with Virgin Red

Man enjoying holiday on the beach
by The Virgin Red team
20 January 2022

New Year’s resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. From improving your wellbeing and learning niche new skills, to our favourite task of scratching new destinations off our travel wishlist. We’re not going to pretend we’ve mastered pottery or calligraphy (yet, anyway), but what we do pride ourselves on is our knowledge of, and love for, travel. 

Whether your plans include flying across the world to discover tropical islands or uncovering the hidden gems of the UK, let us whet your appetite for what you can achieve and experience. Here’s hoping 2022 is the year we can all get back to conquering our travel goals - and the world.

Find out more about Virgin Red, the new rewards club from Virgin.

More trips, more culture


If your goal this year is to see as much of the world as you can - without quitting your job and becoming a nomad - then European city breaks could be the way to go. With a delicious buffet of choices right on your doorstep, you can be in a new city, tucking into a culture-filled weekend or treating yourself to a shopping spree in a matter of hours. Your city breaks can be tailored to any and all of your wants and needs. And don’t forget, has your back with options for free cancellations - more fun, less worry.

Fewer, bigger, better


We know sometimes a short trip doesn’t quite scratch the itch. Especially as trips around the globe have been almost non-existent these last two years. Whether you’ve been dreaming of sipping Pina Coladas in the Caribbean or exploring coast-to-coast in the USA, your next big trip is waiting for you. 

And why not fly there in style? Virgin Atlantic is the long-haul traveller’s best friend. Perfect for those who want to jet away to some of the best destinations around the world – USA, Caribbean, Africa and Asia. Onboard you’re guaranteed warm, welcoming service, award-winning entertainment, thoughtful design touches and stylish comfort for the best experience in the sky, no matter which cabin you fly. 

Too much choice?

Are your goals set on a big trip, but you’re unsure where? We suggest switching spinning a globe and seeing where your finger lands for speaking with Virgin Holidays. Let them help you organise your dream trip with the perfect package. From the destination, to the hotel, flights, activities and everything else, they can take care of all the fuss so you can focus on having all the fun. While you’re at it, add an extra star or two to the hotels you’re looking at because, a) why not? b) you deserve it. 

And have you heard about Virgin Voyages? It’s the new luxe cruise with a difference (yes, they really are adults-only). Sail around the Caribbean and enjoy breathtaking beaches, delicious rum punch and reggae beats. From Barbados to Antigua, each Caribbean island has a unique history, but they all share a warm hospitality, a love for music and carnivals, and a laid-back vibe.



One wonderful thing that’s emerged from the last two years is the knowledge that staycations are just as rewarding as going away - and virtually admin-free. And what’s even better is, for all of us with a new best friend in the form of a lockdown puppy, we can take them along with us. 

So if your New Year’s resolution is to conquer the UK and find hidden gems, we’ve got you covered. From the romantic castles of the Scottish Highlands, to the dramatic coastline of Cornwall, Virgin Trains Ticketing will get you where you’d like to go without changing your currency or your time zone.

Whatever your travel goal for 2022 is, we’re here to help you conquer it. As a Virgin Red member, there’s a whole world of rewards to discover, too. Find out more about Virgin Red, the new rewards club from Virgin. You can sign up or login for free.