Talk to your children

Etta and Artie are now two years old, full of character and always making me and Freddie laugh.

I love seeing them learn and grow, and I especially love hearing them natter away to one another – just not when they’re supposed to be sleeping!

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt through having children though, it is the power of communication. Giving children the tools to thrive in life means developing their speech, spending time reading with them, and most importantly, talking and listening when they speak.

The OECD recently produced an international study looking at the well-being of young people and how they feel about their lives. According to education director Andreas Schleicher, simple changes such as taking time to talk to your children and eating a meal together can have notable positive impact on their well-being.

The report also finds that ‘“spending time just talking” is the parental activity most frequently associated with students’ life satisfaction. It’s directly linked with academic performance too with students whose parents regularly talked to them sitting two-thirds of a school year ahead. Combine this with results of increased confidence and higher motivation, and we’re looking at students with greater resilience and more tenacity in the face of academic challenge – all possible through regular communication and time with parents/carers.

I’ll leave you to read the full article and would love to hear your thoughts.

Holly x


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