Pupils from Canary Wharf College help to clean up the capital

WE Day UK is fast-approaching and as always, I can’t wait!  

We’re hitting our fifth year of hosting WE Day in the UK and we have another jam-packed line-up.

Holly Branson, WE Charity, Canary Wharf College, plastic fishing, Feb18

Unlike most big concerts and events, you can’t buy a ticket to WE Day – it’s a free event that young people can earn a place to by participating in WE Schools and taking action on the issues that matter most to them.

This comes in all shapes and sizes, from collecting food for homeless shelters, setting up anti-bullying programmes for peers and taking action on environmental issues.

Just last week young people from Canary Wharf College took part in a ‘clean-up London’ effort, climbing on board an upcycled boat to pull rubbish from the River Thames.

Holly Branson, WE Charity, Canary Wharf College, plastic fishing, Feb18

The project – ‘plastic fishing’ – has a particular focus on reducing the amount of plastic waste dumped in the River Thames – the students involved are extremely passionate about protecting our sea life. The amount of plastic waste found in the ocean, and the extensive damage it does, is being spoken about far and wide, and this initiative couldn’t be more relevant or important.

The infographics below give great insight into the items causing the most damage to the ocean and things we can do to reduce plastic pollution.

Plastic ocean infographic1

Having recently been awarded grant funding from Virgin Atlantic as part of their Change is in the Air Award (run in partnership with WE), the young people have been able to turn their ‘plastic fishing’ project into a Borough-wide initiative. Not only can their work to clean-up the capital continue, but other local schools can get involved too.

Celia, a pupil for Canary Wharf College, said, “In one word, I’d describe this project as amazing! We are helping all of the animals.

“If we don’t come and pick up litter, the litter gets inside of the fishes and other animals, and they’ll die. We already have some animals that have been extinct, we don’t want all of them to go.” 

Ocean plastic infographic

I’m so proud of the hard work and commitment of the young people from Canary Wharf College – especially in this cold weather! I heard that you even fished out a $100 note from the water last week and donated it straight to WE Charity.

Well done to everyone involved!


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