My first ever podcast

For me, this has been a whirlwind year of ‘firsts’ and last week I got to experience yet another one – my first ever one-on-one podcast – with the wonderful Marina Fogle. 

I do get a little nervous when I do something for the first time but my brother Sam and I were always encouraged to say ‘yes’ to an opportunity and worry about the details later. I’ve known Marina for a couple of years, through her work with the incredible charity Tommys and I am a regular listener to her podcast The Parenthood Podcast. Turning up to be interviewed though I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect! Arriving at Marina’s home I was introduced to these strange looking little pods, taking pride of place on her kitchen table, and instructed to pretend they weren’t there and just chat away. Such a simple set-up to produce really great quality podcasts – I was hooked! 

Holly Branson

Like most friends Marina and I then spent the next hour chatting about anything and everything. It was easy to forget you were actually being recorded – it didn’t feel like an interview at all. We covered topics ranging from IVF and the need to talk more openly about it, through to my feelings on extreme adventuring now that I am a parent of young children, and the importance of instilling the gift of giving back in children as they grow. And that was just to start… it was lovely to share family stories and to explore the highs (and lows) of parenthood.

At eight months pregnant with baby number three, I'm a little breathless – I do hope you enjoy though!

Holly Branson

Thank you Marina for my introduction to podcasting and for putting up with such a novice. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and may even give podcasting a go myself! Have a listen to The Parenthood podcast here


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