Half the battle is just showing up and not giving up

The Virgin Strive Challenge is in full swing and one of my favourite things about the challenge is meeting and getting to know so many wonderful people as we prepare to strive together. We all come from different walks of life and have different motivations behind taking part in the challenge, but one thing unites us; a passion for creating change.

While the Strivers are hard at work, I want to introduce you to some of the amazing people taking part. Next up is Damian Maldonado...

Strive_ striver_Damian Maldonado_family

Life is made up of many challenges; some physical, some emotional, some social and some professional. Please can you tell us what has turned you into the striver you are today? 

Reading autobiographies and business books has really helped me. I have learned about goal setting and how to control my thoughts and actions. I also learnt that with positive thinking I can reach any goal I set my mind to.

I think the schools system should include classes on goal-setting and positive thinking – learning from people that you can emulate is so important also shows you what’s possible. 

Strive_ striver_Damian Maldonado_kitesurfing

What about STRIVE are you most 1. nervous about and

I'm most nervous wondering if I've trained hard enough, how the hills are going to treat me and how much pain I’ll have to endure!

Also, the thought of being away from my family for this long – which I’ve never done before. Last Strive they followed along the route with us, but this one was too tough to figure out the logistics for.

2. excited about? 

The feeling of accomplishment when you Strive and reach your goals. Three of my friends/employees are doing the first stage too, and I’m super excited to experience this with them.

Strive_ striver_Damian Maldonado_family2

What do you know now that you wish you'd been taught at school?

That you can achieve ANY goal you put your mind to. It’s not as hard or as easy as you think. Half the battle is just showing up and not giving up. Perseverance!


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