When you’re done saying something, stop saying it

If you want to get your message across, be engaging, concise and to the point. Then, when you are done saying what you have to say, stop saying it. 

One of the things that really bugs me about pitches is when the presenter has made their point well and then goes on and on repeating it. If you see your audience engaging with you and appreciating what you have to say, then quit while you are ahead.

There is a principle in software development called DRY, meaning Don’t Repeat Yourself. I would extend this from the world of coding to the world at large. Without it, we end up with a lot of dry pitches – not to mention conversations. This applies to life generally – there is nothing worse than sitting next to an enthusiastic person who repeats their same point time and again (and alcohol doesn’t help!)

I have lost interest in many pitches because they have drifted into repetition, often with PowerPoint slides to back up repeated points. The pitches that I remember, and resulted in support and investment, were the ones where the idea could have fitted on the back of an envelope.


Over 1,000 entrants have already signed up to Virgin Media Business VOOM 2016, the biggest and most valuable pitching competition in the UK and Ireland. They are all in with a chance of winning a slice of a prize fund worth more than £1million. To do so they will need to get through a 29-hour pitchathon, and if they make it to the final before on June 28th, they will pitch their business idea to yours truly and a stellar panel of judges. Whilst voting has opened for VOOM, pitch entries are open until May 10th so there is still plenty of time to enter your pitch and start attracting votes.

When you are practicing a pitch, repeat it until you master it. When you find a promising idea, repeat it until it is a winning formula. But when you are pitching, don’t fall into the trap of repeating yourself. Have a read of my other top pitching tips, and head over to Virgin Media Business VOOM to find out more.


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