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Published on 27 March 2024

I love the fact that you can jump off a Virgin Atlantic flight, and collapse into a Virgin Hotels bed, or bounce onto a Virgin Voyages ship. Creating unforgettable experiences is what Virgin does best, so when we had the chance to bundle up these experiences with a big red bow through the launch of Virgin Red, I immediately said ‘let’s go’.

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Virgin Hotels

We launched Virgin Red to give our customers better access to the amazing world of Virgin. We wanted a way to bring our Virgin companies together and to reward Virgin customers (and others!). Virgin Points became the answer. Having the ability to earn Points on everyday purchases like groceries, and then use these Points on experiences like Virgin Atlantic flights, Virgin Limited Edition stays, Virgin Voyages itineraries, and Virgin Hotels bookings is such a fantastic proposition.

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Virgin Red

When building Virgin companies, we’ve always asked: ‘what do people need most from this business? How can we deliver this in the best possible way?’ Virgin Points is a brilliant example of what this thought process can lead to.

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The team recently carried out research to work out what are the biggest pain points when booking a holiday. It turned out that hidden booking fees, poor customer service and complicated booking processes came out on top. To address this, we launched three holiday packages to New York, Miami and Las Vegas, bringing together Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Voyages and Virgin Hotels for the first time, to help people unleash their best holiday selves – with bonus Virgin Points on top. Brilliant! You can explore the three packages here:

Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic

Creating straight-forward, affordable and rewarding booking experiences is also why we launched Virgin Trains Ticketing. The rail ticketing app offers zero booking fees, split ticketing options, and the ability to earn Virgin Points on every booking. The thought of earning Points for your daily commute, and putting them towards a holiday feels very Virgin indeed!

Here’s everything you need to know about Virgin Red.

Virgin’s exclusive travel perks are available for holidays booked between 26 February 2024 – 7 April 2024 for travel on any date. Here is some more information these exclusive Virgin getaways, and you can book over the phone if it’s easier for you (call 03442092777).