Welcoming our new puppy Tofu to the family

Delighted to welcome our new puppy Tofu into our Necker Island family.

He is a wonderful Labrador/Irish Water Spaniel cross. We fell in love with this cross-breed combination 20 years ago when I ended up looking after a Labrador. Our friends the Wilson-Wrights were with us, and they had an Irish Water Spaniel called Coco. The two met, and before you knew it, a litter of delightful Labrador/Irish Water Spaniel crosses were born. We’ve had wonderful dogs in the family ever since. Two generations later, Sumo followed in the paw-prints of Sushi and became the top dog on Necker Island, but sadly he passed away recently.

While no dog can ever replace our wonderful Sumo, Necker isn’t the same without the pitter patter of puppy paws. It was lovely to surprise the team, who had no idea we were bringing a puppy home. It’s perfect timing too, with Necker Island soon reopening for guests after recovering from Hurricane Irma.

Tofu is such a sociable little chap who laps up all the attention he’s been smothered with since he arrived with us. He’s had a great time exploring the island, paddling around in the sea and meeting the lemurs, the parrots and all the other wildlife that call Necker home. Miso, our delightful dog on nearby Moskito Island, was also thrilled to have another dog to play with.

Tofu is also the perfect name - all of our dogs are vegetarian. We ensure they get the right balance of nutrients and we’ve found they are much healthier as a result. It’s also better for the environment. I chose to stop eating beef many years ago (also for health and environmental reasons). It’s well known that the less cattle bred for consumption, the more likely rainforests will still be there for our grandchildren and future generations. 


I have no doubt that Tofu is going to be a wonderful addition to our family. Is there any better surprise than a puppy?


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