Virgin Life - a day on Necker Island

People often ask how I spend my time on Necker Island - here's a film that gives you a glimpse into a day on Necker. From playing tennis to working from home, seeing the lemurs to kitesurfing, join us for a taste of island life.

I've never had a desk in an office since I was a teenager. I prefer to work in a hammock, on a sofa or even in a bath. Now that's flexible working!

It's critical to get the balance between work and play right. Find time for yourself; work hard but also play hard.

I think people work more effectively when they are given the freedom to make their own decisions - that is definitely something we practice on Necker.

From The Elders to The Carbon War Room, Virgin Galactic to The B Team, Necker is a great place to think and a great place to conceive ideas. 

Take a look at where we get our inspiration. Where do you find yours?

Image from Take Aim Photography

Image one by Michael Abbot

Image three by Take Aim Photography


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