Virgin Galactic passes supersonic test

Delighted to see SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity safely and successfully complete her first manned supersonic, rocket-powered flight. It was a proud moment as Virgin Galactic’s spaceship passed this important milestone to mark the start of its final phase of testing.

The teams at Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company have done an excellent job through two years of extensive ground and atmospheric testing, and the successful test flight was testament to their hard work and dedication. VSS Unity is the first vehicle built from scratch for Virgin Galactic by The Spaceship Company’s brilliant aerospace engineers and technicians.

It was great to see Mark “Forger” Stucky and Dave Mackay in the VSS Unity cockpit and Mike “Sooch” Masucci and Nicola Pecile piloting WhiteKnightTwo, as VSS Unity completed our program’s longest rocket burn duration of 30 seconds, fastest speed of Mach 1.87 and highest altitude of 84,271 feet. It was thrilling seeing our spaceship go supersonic for the first time, but we know there is a lot of hard work yet to come and lots of exciting days ahead.

Head over to Virgin Galactic to find out all the details about our latest test flight. We’ll keep you posted on the next test flights too, when we will be expanding to close to full duration rocket burns, and getting closer and closer to space.

Huge congratulations to our wonderful teams at Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company for a job well done, and thanks for your support from all around the world.


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