Take a break – and don’t feel guilty

I’m often asked what keeps me going through the day. The answer is tea - I drink it wherever I am, and whatever the climate. 

Having a cup of tea is not only tasty and refreshing, it gives you a moment to stop and think without distraction.

You should never feel guilty about taking a break. If you’re feeling frustrated or exhausted, one of the best things you can learn to do is rest, rather than give up. Whenever  I drink a cup of tea, I try and take stock of my surroundings, be in the moment and order my thoughts. A couple of minutes of down time can help spur you back into action. 

Many people work increasingly long hours and take their work home with them too. By having a tea break, you can get the space to think and relax. Whether it’s to have a chat with a friend, ponder a business idea, or watch an inspirational video, the simple act of enjoying a cuppa can give you the time you need.

All over the world, but especially in the UK, cups of tea provide a great excuse for colleagues to join together and have a chat. It’s such a simple thing that brings people together all over the world. There’s no end to the great ideas dreamed up by people talking around the kettle. 


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