From Sussudio to The Joint Venture

Many great adventures and partnerships have been sealed with a toast inside a pub (or on a flight!) With that in mind, Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines are opening a London pub to celebrate our joint venture.

The Joint Venture will be open from August 10th to 19th on the site of The Old Crown Public House on New Oxford Street, Holborn. We want to capture the feel of the classic English pub, crossed with the atmosphere of a US craft-bar.

We’ll be serving up 230 US craft beers sourced from every destination that the airlines fly to in the States. What’s more, The Joint Venture will run themed nights celebrating US culture, as well as a pub quiz with grand prizes of Virgin Atlantic and Delta flights for the winners.

The Joint Venture reminded me of my own past as a publican. Yes, that’s right – we once owned three pubs: The Princess Victoria and The Queen’s Head in London, where I enjoyed many a Sunday Roast, and The Barge Inn in Japan.

The most well-known was The Princess Victoria in Shepherd’s Bush, where we filmed the video for Phil Collins’ classic hit Sussudio. I remember the day we filmed it; the audience were quite tranquil to begin with, but by the end they were in full-on party mode – like most weekends in the pub! I even posed with a pint next to the pub sign (complete with headphones on Princess Vic!)

To find out more about Virgin Atlantic and Delta’s new pub, head to, and go to Virgin Atlantic to book your US adventure.


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