Sometimes miracles come in pairs

Enjoying a wonderful few days in Oxfordshire with Holly and Freddie, getting to spend some quality time with their new baby twins, Etta and Artie.

Image from the Branson family

I’ve been trying to stop myself from posting too many photos of our gorgeous new grandchildren, but like any proud grandad I can’t resist!

As the photo shows so clearly, sometimes miracles really do come in pairs!

Thanks once again for all of the well-wishes to all of the family following the happy news.

We’re so excited for Bellie and Sam’s baby to join the family in the not-too-distant future too. Prepare yourself for more photos from more proud grandparents.

Image from the Branson family

I’m sure that Joan and I – and many, many other family and friends – will be all too happy to pay many, many visits to see the beautiful babes. As my dear Uncle Charlie, who spends most of his time over in Kenya, said to Holly: “Have Nappies, Will Travel”!

Background image by Jack Brockway


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