Skiing accident averted

What’s your favourite way to keep active? And what’s your favourite way to unwind? For me, it’s the same answer. My usual daily routine starts with an early morning game of tennis, and when I’m on Necker Island it also includes a kitesurfing session. Exercise not only keeps me fit and healthy, it also puts me in a great frame of mind to have a productive, enjoyable day.

So wonderful spending fun times with friends. Thanks for the pic @andrewmoore5

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So has been a challenge over the past three months not being able to go kitesurfing, play tennis or swim, because of a wounded shoulder. I’ve been keeping active in other ways, going on lots of hikes, but have certainly missed my sport.

I was thrilled to be given the all-clear to start getting more active again, and was delighted to join the family for a break in beautiful Verbier. When I wasn’t on Grand-Dude duty, unknotting Etta’s hair, I decided to go skiing.

Enjoying Grand-Dude duty, getting the knots out of Etta’s hair

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As soon as I hit the slopes, my ski came off and I fell hard on the very shoulder that has been injured all year. But, remarkably, I didn’t do any more damage. I’m counting myself very lucky and hope to be back on the tennis courts and the ocean soon.

When I haven’t been losing skis, it’s been wonderful spending time with the family here, especially during such a busy period for Virgin with so much exciting activity going on, from Virgin Hotels to Virgin Galactic, Virgin Active to Virgin Orbit. It’s so important to take time out, get a healthy balance, and enjoy every moment with your loved ones that you can.


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