A royal visit

It's a really exciting time at Virgin’s space companies as Virgin Galactic gears up for our first rocket- powered flight of VSS Unity in the very near future and as Virgin Orbit steadily marches closer to our first orbital flights this year.


The Crown Prince His Royal Highness Mohammad bin Salman Al-Saud came to see all of our space progess during a visit to Mojave, CA, last weekend with his four key advisors, and I showed them around.

Inside The Spaceship Company hangar was the finished mothership VMS Eve and spaceship VSS Unity combined together, readying for their upcoming flight.

Right next to the ships was our Virgin Orbit team who showed how, by launching from a 747, we could propel satellites into space on much shorter notice than any other satellite launch company. We explained how we'd be helping putting up whole arrays of satellites around the world. With a steady stream of technical milestones being completed and with a booming book of business that features both government and commercial satellite makers, this is an incredibly exciting time for Virgin Orbit’s team.

The Virgin Hyperloop One team also presented to the Saudis and showed them how cities could be connected in a very short period of time by Virgin Hyperloop One travelling at 600mph and could be powered by the sun – the cleanest form of transport imaginable.

Then we went on to show them one or two of our secret projects that we’re developing in the factory, which just might involve flying cars… and similar other wonderful things. More to unveil on this later.

On top of Virgin Hotels announcing buying the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, it was a truly momentous weekend and it was a great honour to have the Crown Prince coming to cap it off!


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