O is for Organisation

In the true meaning of the word, an organisation is simply a group of people working together towards a particular purpose. That very much describes us at Virgin, but I once heard an even better description… 

Someone called us as a disorganised organised organisation. I felt this summed things up perfectly. 

Being organised doesn’t necessarily mean running to a strict set of mandated rules, where everything is pedantically in order and predictable. Virgin’s success as an organisation has come about as a result of balance. 


Richard Branson and Australian team members at the Virgin Way Co-Lab

We have our creative minds, whose inspired chaos has led us in the direction of innovations. Then we have our analytic minds, who make sure our bills always get paid. And, of course, we encourage everyone to be imaginative and bring their whole selves to work too. This is the perfect recipe for a balanced business – and it makes for a fun working environment too.  

People, unlike machines, can’t be programmed – nor should we want to be. It is important that we celebrate those that shake things ups as well as those that get things done. 

What does organisation mean to you?


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