New year new goals

Having reached the grand old age of 68, I know if I’m going to lead a life that’s enjoyable and do all the things I love like kiting and tennis and skiing, then I have to get my body into great shape. Being fit and healthy will give me the best shot at keeping active and making the most out of life.

Richard Branson

Fortunately I reset my body by doing the Virgin Strive Challenge last year – biking, hiking and kayaking 2000kms across Europe – I felt like I had the fitness of a 25-year-old when we finished!

Richard Branson

Rather than letting it go, I have a systematic fitness programme to make sure I keep my weight down and to build my bone mass and muscles. Every day I do an hour of weights and band stretches with our wonderful fitness coach Ronny standing over me pushing me on. I change workouts and muscle groups every other day to give one lot a rest. I also play a lot of tennis and love kitesurfing, which all helps! I’m not the whole way there yet but I’m feeling pretty good.

Richard Branson

The key for everybody is sticking with it – we all know that feeling of the high we get when we do an hour of exercise – I never want to stop getting that wonderful endorphin rush. But it’s easy to slip into a not today, I’ll do it tomorrow, mindset. You have to keep going even when you don’t feel like it.


I’ve always believed that the fitter you are and the more time you find to look after yourself, the more time you’ll have for everyone else.

It’s also a good idea to set yourself targets – what are you going to achieve in six months?


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