The most important thing about the Virgin family is its people

I dropped in on Virgin Atlantic recently to visit a new team of cabin crew. I love to surprise our teams and see what is going on inside our businesses from the people doing brilliant work on the frontlines.

Many of them came from Monarch when it closed down and are now training to be our cabin crew - as you can see from their outfits they were doing fire training. They were also wearing their smiles; it is so lovely to see that they’re excited to work with Virgin Atlantic.

The most important thing about a business is its people. The people who work on our planes are what make it stand out above the competition and really make the experience of flying with us welcoming and fun. 

It was sad to see the collapse of Monarch, but it’s Virgin Atlantic’s gain to have such a delightful group join us.

There was also a great air of camaraderie among the team, which was great to see. It was a pleasure chatting to our newest members and I hope they enjoy taking to the skies with Virgin Atlantic.



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