Life doesn’t come to you

“Life doesn’t come to you, so go to it and let it fly.” I love seeing this inspiring phrase on Virgin Atlantic flights and adverts, but I especially love seeing it in action in the way our team go about their jobs and their lives every day.

I woke up a few mornings ago to find a new Virgin Atlantic video in my inbox. Now, I’ve seen a fair few promotional videos over the years, but this one feels different. It’s a video for our team, made by our team – and I’m proud to share it with the world too. I’ve often said that a business is nothing more than a group of people trying to make a positive difference; I can’t think of a better example than Virgin Atlantic.

The video was made in two days at our bases in Heathrow, Crawley and New York, and I spotted quite a few familiar faces cropping up in the film. From new starters to 20 year veterans, it’s brilliant how the Virgin spirit is captured. The wonderful words you can hear were written by Dave Gunner, and you can clearly hear the passion and experience more than two decades of Virgin Atlantic service have brought out of him. As the team wrote on the new Ruby blog: “We pride ourselves on our spontaneity and intuition. We care for our customers and our people; we don’t process them.” 

It’s a great way to represent what makes our brand special, and what I love about the way we work. It makes me proud to be the founder of such a wonderful company, and I hope it makes our team proud to be part of Virgin Atlantic too. 

While this video focuses on our staff, I’ve also been enjoying a new way we are celebrating our customers, the #OneDay campaign. Put simply, We’ve all got something we said we’d do one day, but haven’t done yet. Now Virgin Atlantic are finding the moments when people said “One day, I’ll…” and turning those dreams into reality. Whether it’s road tripping across the US, walking the Great Wall of China, or learning a new language, the team are helping to turn One Day into Today. 

Virgin Strive Challenge training weekend 2016 Richard Branson Holly Sam Noah

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a lot in my life, and travel all over the world. But there are still things I would love to see and do. One day I want to travel with my family and friends from the Matterhorn to Mount Etna, entirely under human power. We’re intending to make that dream come true this year on the Virgin Strive Challenge. Now, what is your #OneDay…?


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