Join me on a 360° Necker Island kitesurfing adventure

As any followers of my social media pages would know, I absolutely love kitesurfing. But, while I often share photos of my favourite sport, I haven’t had a way to share quite what it is really like out on the waves – until now.

This World Oceans Day, join my on a 360° immersive kitesurf around Necker Island, and experience the pristine ocean for yourself. Simply click and drag on the video to enjoy the 360° footage of the gorgeous British Virgin Islands from every angle imaginable (if your browser doesn't support the video, watch it over on Facebook. Take in the ocean views, the stunning islands, and see exactly why I enjoy getting up on a kite so much.

If you want to try out kitesurfing for yourself, or learn more about it, I’d heartily encourage it. There could be no better moment than the upcoming Virgin Kitesurfing Armada UK, a world-record attempt and charity fundraiser at Hayling Island from June 17th to 19th. So far, we’ve broken five Guinness World Records and raised more than £160,000 for good causes – I’m sure more records will tumble this month. 

Life is a lot more fun if you make time for sport, and I try to do so every day. That is especially true at the moment, as I continue training for the Virgin Strive Challenge. With that in mind, I’m encouraging everyone to #MakeASplash and get into the water this summer.

On September 27th I’m going to swim 3.3 kilometres from the southern tip of mainland Italy to the island of Sicily in the Mediterranean. I’ve challenged my friend Adrian Grenier to join me so that we can raise awareness for ocean issues together too. 

For more on how I fell in love with kitesurfing, take a look at this video.


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