Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian churned through the BVI last night, bringing strong winds and lashing rain. We were fortunate to miss the worst of the storm, but my thoughts are with Florida as they brace for its impact.

Luckily damage in the BVI has been minimal. We took a walk outside once the storm had passed and saw a few uprooted trees. Hurricane Irma caused so much devastation in 2017 that many people have rebuilt their homes to withstand hurricanes of much greater ferocity. 

We holed up inside for a day with the guests and the team as the storm swept through. I hit the gym and played a few board games (happy to say I won a game of Risk). 

It is so surreal the weather you can see in these videos turned so quickly into the weather you can see in this photo. Weather systems are so incredible and I am always amazed when I get to watch a storm rage (when it’s safe enough).

Sunset on Necker

The hurricane is expected to grow stronger before it hits land in Florida in a few days time. Virgin Trains USA, Virgin Hotels and Virgin Voyages are based in Miami, and we have been checking in on preparations.

I urge anyone in the path of the hurricane to be ready and make sure they have somewhere safe to stay out of the way, a plan for what to do, and to keep an eye on updates from their local authorities.


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