Getting active in the office

I have long been a firm believer that keeping fit is one of the best ways to become more productive. More and more companies are in agreement that active teams are happier, healthier and more engaged.


Chris Boyce, CEO of our Virgin Pulse, recently shared his five top tips on how to help the people you work with be engaged and energised. As Chris said: “Showing your workforce you care about them with tools and programs designed to increase their energy, focus and drive organically benefits everyone.”

This doesn’t just mean setting aside more time to go to the gym or do organised exercise; you can also get into shape during your day-to-day life.

Virgin Active have been encouraging people to get active in everyday ways, from stretching on the sofa to singing in the shower.

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As I blogged recently, having an innovative office space can help in all aspects of business – including activeness. This was certainly in action when I visited Square recently. Not content with simply standing up at desks (as many of our team at Virgin HQ and elsewhere do), some of the staff were working away while running on treadmills. I’m all for flexible working, but this looks exhausting!

But seriously, it looked an interesting way to boost activeness at work – and if it helps people be more productive, I’m all for it. Now, how do I fit a treadmill under my hammock?!

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