Get up and dance

People love to ask what makes the Virgin brand different from other brands – it’s all about the people who work for us and their attitude towards having fun.

There’s nothing that breaks the ice more at a function than blasting some great music and getting everyone up on the table for a bit of dancing. Zorba the Greek music always gets a dinner party going and is great to table dance to. 

I was in Fincantieri’s shipyard in Italy recently celebrating the name reveal of Virgin Voyages new ship (we called her the Scarlet Lady, in case you were wondering). Shipyard’s aren’t typically the best place for celebrations and parties but our team had transformed the area (usually used for cutting steel) into a secret garden so we could have a sit-down lunch.

After we’d had our food, I couldn’t resist getting up on the table and giving it a wiggle – it was great to see the head of Fincantieri, Giuseppe Bono, and his management team joining in. Pretty soon, there were loads of people up dancing and having a great time.

The only thing I would advise is to check the strength of the table before you get up and dance – it can suddenly ruin the party if you end up going through it! On Necker every table in every room has been made for dancing. 

It’s the bosses of companies who have to be the first to get the party started, it gives all the people there permission to start having fun and let their hair down. If the bosses stay in their seats, with their ties on, sipping their sherry and talking to only each other then it’s going to be a dull party for everyone. People in leadership positions set the tone for everyone else – if you want your company to be fun then you have to start being fun.

We all work extremely hard and deserve a chance to relax and have fun – and it makes for a much better party.


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