Finding My Virginity in the US

We’ve been spending lots of time in the US in the past 10 days or so highlighting the hurricane support appeal, plans for the long-term rebuilding and recovery, and the need for the world to take meaningful climate action.

I’ve just been back to the BVI again, but while communications are still limited I am able to be more useful in mobilising support online and on the phone. A big lesson of this whole period has been the challenges of losing communications after disasters. I hope OneWeb, the satellite constellation we are a founding investing partner in, can have a big positive impact on this in the future by providing high-speed internet access.

I have also had the opportunity to visit Virgin companies across the US, starting with Virgin Management in New York, where the likes of Virgin Sport, Virgin Galactic and Virgin Orbit also shared messages of support. As I wrote yesterday, it was a pleasure seeing the Virgin Hotels team to break ground on our new property in Nashville. I also got chance to see the Virgin Voyages crew in Miami and discuss exciting fresh plans for our unique new cruise line.

We will be back in the US soon to launch my new autobiography, Finding My Virginity. I got to see the US edition of the book for the first time, and made sure I took a very close look indeed. You’ll notice there’s a different cover in the States (which features on the back in the rest of the world). It’s a more playful picture, and I think it highlights how fun has always been high on the agenda on my travels in the US.

America features a lot in the book, which reflects the way the Virgin brand has expanded in the States, as well as the entrepreneurial development in the country. There are plenty of adventures in the US that I’ve shared, from hurtling down the side of a Vegas casino with Virgin America to battling bigger airlines with Virgin Atlantic.

I’m looking forward to being over on the West Coast for Virgin Sport’s first US festival of fitness in San Francisco, and then I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned in the book everywhere from the West Coast to Philadelphia to New York. I can’t wait to share my life and learnings with you all in Finding My Virginity, and hear what you all think.

You can pre-order your hardback, eBook or audiobook now, ahead of the US release date on October 10th.



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