Entrepreneurs and adventures go together

You may have noticed a change on my blog and social posts in the past week or so. Yes, now we’ve completed the Virgin Strive Challenge there is a lot less climbing up mountains, hiking epic trails, kayaking beautiful oceans and cycling Tour de France climbs. But that doesn’t mean the adventure has stopped.

James Benamore, one of our core Strivers this year, made a point that has stuck with me. He said: "Richard invented the idea - epitomised by Strive and his other adventures - that entrepreneurs and adventures go together. This was back when the only things people thought went with business were ties, suits and briefcases."

But too many people still think that being successful in business means looking a certain ‘professional’ way and behaving in a particular, buttoned-up manner. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you are dressed ready to run for office or a marathon, carrying a paper bag or a briefcase, you should see business as an adventure.

Entrepreneurs are also artists using a blank sheet of paper to create something wonderful and awe inspiring. And do we see artists in stuffy suits?

It’s about getting out there and shaking up markets, changing people’s lives for the better, and making a positive difference in the world. Now that’s an adventure, not a chore. Entrepreneurs can find the element of exploration in any opportunity, whether it is taking on a bigger rival, reinventing a company culture or coming up with an exciting new campaign.

You don’t have to climb a mountain every day to be on an adventure. Start a company. Take on a challenge. Business is a challenge, and there are adventures to be had around every corner, as long as you are looking out for them.


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