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Sometimes I think to myself, what if this is all a dream? I’m going to wake up and be 20 years old, with my whole life ahead of me. This thought doesn’t scare me. It excites me. I’d quite like to go back and plot out my life all over again – dreaming big dreams.

We should all dream, and encourage others to do so too. Dreaming is one of humanity’s greatest gifts; it champions aspiration, spurs innovation, leads to change, and propels the world forward. In a world without dreams there would be no art, no adventure, no moon landing, no female CEOs, and no civil rights. What a half-lived and tragic existence we would have.  

Speaking on the importance of dreaming, American entrepreneur, author and humanitarian activist, Dan Pallotta said: "I believe that dreams, taken seriously… are the most sophisticated things known to humanity…  A great dream drives innovation – it doesn't happen the other way around. A great dream drives collaboration – it doesn't happen the other way around.”

Don’t be self-conscious about dreaming, or about people thinking you’re too idealistic, and not serious enough. Don’t allow your self talk to be judgmental. Look at the world with wide-eyed enthusiasm, believe you are more powerful than the problems that confront you, and dream big.

The benefits of dreaming far outweigh the perceived risks, because the value of dreaming isn’t just measured by the outcome, but the inspiration that comes from journey of achieving the dream.

Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic VSS Unity

As Dan said: “When we show people that something is possible that they didn't think was possible it does more than just change things. It changes the way people think about the possibility of things changing. It helps them see that life is not the same day-after day, unsurprising, unending drudgery that so much of life teaches them that it is. And that is a huge contribution to their humanity.”

Dream big and you will be presented with the opportunity to lead the world on an incredible adventure.

Where have your dreams taken you? Tell me about your experience in the comments below.


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