Day in the life of a spaceship mechanic

I’m so excited that our spaceline Virgin Galactic is getting closer and closer to commercial operations. 

We’re really eager to make space flight a reality and make it accessible in a way that has only previously been dreamt about. As testing continues, it’s a privilege to be able to share an insight from behind the scenes so you can feel part of the journey.

This video from Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company tells the story of the ground crew as they prepare the spaceship VSS Unity and mothership VMS Eve for flight and play an essential role in developing our spaceline operations. The ground crew are the ones who will be with the customers right up until the aircraft takes off. 

The team includes crew chiefs of both aircraft (who both happen to be called Chad), who have the huge job of making sure everything is ready to go on flight day. They are supported by a space wrench (or a spaceship mechanic to you and I) who does the ground maintenance, launch and recovery of the flight. Lexy and Courtney both explain people’s first reaction is to say they’ve never seen a spaceship mechanic who is a woman – and they make the fantastic point that most people haven’t met a spaceship mechanic who is a man either. I’m really proud of our diverse team at Virgin Galactic, who are working together to make this happen.

I hope to see space exploration unify humanity – it certainly has brought our team very close. It’s monumentally impressive to see what barriers and boundaries we can overcome when we work together for the common goal. 

A member of the team previously said to me: “We think of the vehicles as almost our children, which makes us a family, and we are all so proud to see what they grow into.”

Seeing what is happening in the Mojave desert is a wonderful testament to what great teamwork, skill and pride can achieve.

Watch this space. 

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