Blue Monday

Today is what has become known, in the Northern Hemisphere, as Blue Monday – the glummest day of the year. The idea was derived using a calculation involving factors such as weather conditions and debt levels in wake of the festive season. It’s also considered to be a time when motivational levels are typically low.

But ever the optimist, I believe we can all shake away the blues, by focusing on the positive and fun things that are happening in the world. Here are some wonderful activities currently going on within the Virgin world, which I’d like to share with you today to make you smile.

Virgin Atlantic is encouraging you not to feel bad about falling short on your New Year’s resolutions, with their #BreakItInStyle campaign. Partnering with BuzzFeed, they’ve come up with 11 spectacular ways to embrace breaking your New Year’s resolution – showcasing exciting ways to rejuvenate your spirit through travel, food and drinks and relaxation.

On the flipside, Virgin Active is all about empowering you to fulfil your health and fitness resolutions – and they’ve got a squad to help you do it. We each have our own mountain to climb in life, but if we work together we can all overcome the challenges that are trying to holding us back. Virgin Active knows this all too well and is focused on helping members achieve their goals – even on the hardest of days, like Blue Monday.

With the everyday goal of making Everyone Better Off, Virgin Money launched their first lounge in 2012, and have since opened seven more spaces in the UK. Virgin Money Lounges are wonderful facilities, focused on bringing the communities in which they operate together, with a variety of spirited events. If you’re in Edinburgh, Manchester, Norwich, Glasgow, Sheffield or London today, discover what’s happening at Virgin Money Lounges.

It’s hard not to look at a cute rubber duckie and not smile – so we’ve sent out hundreds of Virgin Limited Editions ducks – dressed in costumes and accessories from our various properties – into the world, with the mission to promote giving and fun. Our Give a Flying Duck competition kicked off last week, and the photo submissions are rolling in fast, making us smile. Check it out #GiveAFlyingDuck on social media. 

When I’m looking for a little bit of extra motivation, I like to log onto Instagram and check out what’s happening in the Virgin world. Full of inspirational and often jaw-dropping travel images, Virgin Australia and Virgin Holidays are two of my favourite accounts. Virgin Hotels also posts a wonderful array of joyous photos, guaranteed to lift your mood. 

Spectacular views on take-off from Sydney Airport. Photo by @slydogz_racer. #sydney #sydneyharbour #virginaustralia

A photo posted by Virgin Australia (@virginaustralia) on

I recently published a blog outlining 15 random acts of kindness that I’ll be completing this year, and think you should too. If you haven’t started on the list already, today is the perfect day to get going. Instead of calling in sick and having a couch day, get out there and do something positive and gratifying. There’s no better way to lift a gloomy day than to fill it with generosity and kindness.

Do you have anything special planned to change the mood of Blue Monday? I’d like to hear about it in the comments below.

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